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At FTI quality is an established core value for our company that motivates and undergirds everything we do. Whether internal or external, we seek to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions and services to satisfy their mission needs. Our success depends on achieving quality throughout all life-cycle phases from acquisition through support. FTI's culture of quality is more than the products and services we make and deliver. It is the way in which we see and think about our work, the way we judge our work, the way we constantly elevate our work and the way we do it to the next level. Quality, or "value", becomes the pervasive force that defines and motivates us. Our Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is based upon a well-established Quality Management System that is fully compliant with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defined in the International Standard ISO 9001:2008.

Quality typically has two components: 1) cost and 2) innovation. A viable Quality Assurance Program (QAP) provides the underpinnings and infrastructure for achieving cost reductions with innovation, not at the expense of innovation, nor innovation at the sacrifice of cost effectiveness. FTI’s QAP for the Seaporte Program meets the Government’s objectives for both components.

FTI is committed to the principle that quality is an integral part of every service and product that we provide.  Quality is not a feature, component or option that can be incorporated after the fact.  The foundation of FTI’s QAP resides in the quality of the personnel we assign to any task, project or program strengthened by a best practices feedback system.  FTI’s corporate commitment to “conformance to customer requirements” along with an objective of “zero defects” instantiates the QAP FTI will use on the Seaporte Program.

In the support services business environment experienced and well-qualified professionals, carefully chosen for their relevant technical skill sets, will deliver a quality product or professional service if provided with a supportive infrastructure supplied by a committed-to-excellence management culture.  Our personnel are carefully screened for the relevance of their technical backgrounds, the quality of their work, and for their dedication to quality performance.  Each of our Seaporte team members was chosen using that same, rigorous process because quality companies, carefully chosen for their relevant capabilities, will deliver a quality product or professional service.  In addition, each of our team members has their own proven Quality Program as an essential element of their daily business processes.  

FTI’s QAP is designed to provide stringent quality control reducing risk to our customers through the integration of quality objectives throughout our performance plan for each individual Task Order.  Quality integration begins during the proposal phase by establishing specific, measurable requirements and objectives that are necessary to ensure compliant, quality deliverables and services.  We focus on the initial performance phase to ensure that quality is built in from the outset of Task Order performance.  This begins with the selection and assignment of the right blend of quality personnel and providing that carefully chosen cadre of professionals with the resources required to perform each task correctly the first time.

Innovation is achieved through a QAP that provides for the ability to learn best practice. This is achieved effectively through quality reviews. Quality reviews are an essential element of all of FTI’s work processes.  Our QAP is designed to ensure that deliverables, products and professional services meet performance requirements, are technically accurate, and operationally sound.  We have applied our QAP to all facets of our business processes with noteworthy success.  By virtue of our continued, successful performance for a diverse set of clients, we know that our approach is valid and that our methods are effective.  Our customers, competitors and subcontractors know that FTI delivers nothing less than quality services and products.

A QAP lacking requirements for responsibility and accountability is ineffectual.  FTI’s QAP vests responsibility and accountability in its Program, Project and Task Managers.  This approach ensures that quality management and alignment with each customer’s quality requirements are totally integrated within the program management process. Our Program, Project and Task Managers perform quality evaluations as an integral part of their respective management oversight responsibilities. This is an essential element of our feedback process. The feedback process is also supported by an e-business approach that dovetails with SeaPort's Auction Services portal.

For pass through Task Orders FTI relies upon the established and proven quality system of the selected FTI Seaporte team member.  FTI will be in contact with the cognizant COR on a regular basis to monitor team member performance.  Our system of delegation of authority to team members, coupled with the assurance of prime contractor accountability to the government provides the direct access to Program Managers and Task Managers needed to assure responsiveness, cooperation and rapid issue resolution.